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No. 044/23

22nd February 2023

Dear Colleagues,


Further to Letter To Branches (LTB 041/23) issued on 17th February, announcing that we have reached a negotiator’s agreement for all our Cleaning, Engineering and Generic Admin members in Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions Limited (RMPFSL), and which was also has been endorsed by the Postal Executive.

Please find attached a copy of the

RMPFSL & CWU National Joint Statement Covering Pay and Associated Issues 2022/23 & 2023/24,

which contains the full details of the agreement and will now be subject to formal endorsement via an individual ballot of all members employed in RMPFSL.

Whilst the negotiation also covered Holiday Pay, it was agreed to de-link this from this final proposed agreement on Pay and Associated Issues so that the proposed resolution on Holiday Pay can be ratified separately. Further details covering the Holiday Pay agreement will be shared very shortly.

This negotiator’s agreement marks a considerable step forward by the union in terms of pay and the harmonisation for RMPFSL members with the rest of the Royal Mail Group, on maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave, in line with long standing CWU policies. It also reflects the solid support shown by members during the course of what has been a prolonged dispute.

The negotiator’s agreement, achieved against the most difficult wider industrial relations climate is clearly worth recommending to members and should be seen as a considerable achievement on harmonisation of terms and conditions, and pay over the two-year cycle.

We will also be holding a Branch and Representatives National Briefing on the proposed agreement on Monday 27th February, commencing at 11.00 hrs and will conclude no later than 14.00 hrs. Due to the short notice given and other current considerations, this Briefing will be a remote meeting via Zoom and the necessary dial-in details will be shortly issued to Branches in due course.

It is our aim that this National Briefing will be followed by a further wider social media event for members which will further explain the details of the negotiator’s agreement.

It can also be confirmed that the ballot papers will be dispatched on 1st March 2023 and close on 14th March 2023 (First Post).

Any enquiries on this LTB should be sent to Nickie Jones and Kerry Hay

Yours sincerely

Mark Baulch Carl Maden Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary

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