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Royal Mail Airport/Air-Hubs Weatherproof/Stormproof/Jacket Stock Shortages (PPE)

No. 232/2021

Our Ref: C11/21

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Airport/Air-Hubs Weatherproof/Stormproof/Jacket Stock Shortages (PPE) – Alternative Short-Term Temporary Replacements:

Royal Mail has informed the Health, Safety & Environment Department that they and their suppliers are currently experiencing stock shortages of the current PPE ‘Yellow’ Airport/Air Hubs Weatherproof/Stormproof jackets. Delivery of the Royal Mail branded current standard jackets (the RYK3) are not now expected until the end of this month.

Currently a number of UK businesses involved in international trade are incurring customs and port authority delays, in the wake of ‘Brexit’ with the new customs system causing disruption to the flow of goods which are now subject to a greater degree of checks, entry declarations and paperwork presentation to relevant trade and port health bodies within a more complex and intricate set of rules. Some of Royal Mail’s international suppliers have not yet got to grips with this.

Taking account of the supply issues and the need to be PPE legally and regulatory compliant, Royal Mail has secured an ‘interim’ supply of very similar Industry Standard, ‘Yellow’ Weatherproof/Stormproof jackets for Royal Mail Airport/Air Hubs staff as a temporary ‘stop-gap’ replacement to meet current demand and outstanding orders of these protective Waterproof, Weatherproof, Stormproof jackets.

Suppliers ‘Dimensions’ have sourced these alternative off-the-shelf (OTS manufactured) jackets (see attached image) which are CE certified to Class 3.

The alternative jackets will allow Royal Mail to stock these in the warehouse by the end of the week and fulfil all back orders shortly thereafter.

These garments will come without Royal Mail branding.

Any Management Only enquiries can be directed to Sam Dixon National Uniform Manager: Mobile: 07553 365925.

Royal Mail and ‘Dimensions’ the suppliers have assured us that every effort is being made to iron out the problems with international suppliers going forward.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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