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Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Statement – Consumer Collections Training Plan

LTB 331/20

Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Statement – Consumer Collections Training Plan

Dear Colleagues,

Branches will be aware of the fact that the highly competitive parcels market continues to grow with customers demanding more from Royal Mail in terms of extra features on the parcels that are carried.

There is a demand from online retailers to have a returns collection offering for their customers. There is also a demand from consumers and marketplace sellers for home collection of outbound parcels – these are prepaid parcels where postage is purchased on-line. This growth in the market is being targeted by competitors. For Royal Mail to compete in the parcels market there is a need to provide a doorstep collection service for customers.

Customers will be able to book a collection on the Tracked Returns Portal; via retailer’s websites; on the Click & Drop shipping system; or on Royal Mail’s app. These items will be collected by the frontline colleagues who are in the vicinity or attending sites for deliveries. The service will be limited to no more than 5 addresses per day/delivery route Mon – Saturday, and items restricted to max 20kg and also size.

There will be further National discussions in regards to the exact operational details of this service taking place with Royal Mail and these aspects will be set out in a further National Joint Statement. The envisaged timescales in terms of the pilot launch of the service is currently being planned for the back end of the Summer/Autumn, however this aspect will also be subject to further discussion and will depend on the current situation in respect of Covid-19 at that time, along with any technical issues being resolved.

However, due to the current situation with Coronavirus it is important Royal Mail commences frontline training in early July to allow for the extended duration of this taking into account social distancing and to ensure that our members are kept safe.

The CWU has had full input into the training materials and local CWU reps will also be fully involved with the rollout, the plan is as follows:

  • Work Place Coach (WPC) training sessions planned to commence on 6th July and finish by the 7th August 2020.

  • WPCs to cascade training to frontline colleagues from 13th July and conclude by 9th October 2020.Training materials consist of – WPC training pack, pocket guides, RMTV “on demand” videos, “how to” deployment guides, frontline operational brief (WTLL) including ‘What to do if’ posters.

Further National Discussions to jointly review learning from the deployment of previous projects such as Age & ID Verification and Inflight Phase 1 to inform the pilot and national deployment of Consumer Collections. This will inform a further National Joint Statement which will set out the approach to pilots, national rollout including the agreed timescales, operational aspects and working arrangements.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department

reference 600,

email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary



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