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Royal Mail: Finance - Pathway to Change Agreement

No. 252/21

Dear Colleagues


Branches are advised that a Joint Statement on the implementation of the Shorter Working Week in Finance has been agreed and is attached to this LTB for information.

The Shorter Working Week will be implemented on 26th July 2021 across Finance as a function.

Members and Representatives in Finance will be invited to engagement sessions over the coming weeks to discuss further details in relation to the changes in the reduction of the working week.

Branches and Representatives are urged to bring this LTB and associated Joint Statement to the attention of our members in Finance.

Any queries in relation to this LTB should be sent to Lea Sheridan (

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

LTB 252/21 – Royal Mail – Finance – Pathway To Change Agreement

Attachment 1 to 21LTB252

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