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Royal Mail Group/CWU Road Safety Week 17th – 22nd August 2020


To:  All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group/CWU Road Safety Week 17th – 22nd August 2020 – ‘ClearView’ – Clear Windscreen Campaign: ‘Clear View, Clear Screen, Clear Conscience’


Royal Mail Group has announced the second Road Safety Campaign of 2020, which will be about raising awareness of the importance, to all drivers, of a ‘clear view and clear windscreen.’  The campaign will concentrate on key messages to drivers and managers with the emphasis on how important it is for drivers to ensure that vehicles are safe to drive by checking the windscreen is clear and clean, free from clutter that obstructs vision and for that matter ensure that other windows are not dirty and obscured before commencing their driving work duties.

Background and Context Driving safely includes making sure that the driver’s line of vision is kept clear. If vision is obscured, the driver will not be able to see the road ahead properly and it could create a blind spot and contribute to an accident. This August’s ‘ClearView/Clear Windscreen’ Road Safety Campaign covers a basic but vitally important routine safety check before commencing a road journey. For the Road Safety Campaign in August 2020, Royal Mail, supported by the CWU is highlighting the importance to drivers of having a ‘ClearView’ from their vehicle windscreen and ensuring the vehicle’s windscreen is always clean, clear, and free of obstructions.  The Safety Campaign is also highlighting the devastating consequences it can have if the windscreen is dirty, if there are any objects on the dashboard or hanging from the rear-view mirror that can obstruct the view of the road.

The ‘Highway Code’ and The Law All drivers have a responsibility to drive safely on the UK road network at all times and so minimising the risk to themselves, other drivers, pedestrians, children and the public as a whole.  The law states that windows and windscreens must be kept clean and free of obstructions to vision.  If a driver is involved in a road accident, even if it wasn’t their fault, and the windscreen isn’t clear, the driver can be charged with ‘careless driving’.  Drivers could face a £100 on-the-spot fine and three penalty points which can rise to a £5,000 fine and nine penalty points, if the accident is serious and the evidence shows that the driver couldn’t see clearly through dirty glass in the vehicle they were driving.

Driver Actions

  • Ensure the windscreen is clean and clear of obstruction in order to provide a ‘ClearView’ before each journey.

  • Take all rubbish, unwanted, used items and duty packs out of the vehicle at the end of the shift.


Case Study In 2018 a driver was charged with causing death by careless driving after crashing into and killing a pedestrian in a wheelchair. The driver could not see the wheelchair on the pavement due to her vision being impaired by sunlight reflecting off the dirt on her windscreen. The windscreen washer fluid container had also run out of water. The Driver received a 12-month suspended prison sentence and was banned from driving for two years.

CWU ASR Activity Guide & Checklist (Attached): ASRs with the support of WSRs and other CWU Reps, should follow the daily activity guide and checklist, carrying out safety inspections at selected offices, and speaking to our drivers/members during w/c 17th August. ASRs should get WSRs to assist wherever possible in conveying the campaign message, leaflets and posters, especially at this difficult time of the pandemic. ASRs and WSRs can play a key role in helping to raise the profile of the ‘ClearView/Clear Windscreen’ Campaign during Road Safety Week for our members’ benefit by helping keep Royal Mail and Parcelforce drivers safe. During the week, which is fully supported by the CWU/HQ Health, Safety & Environment Department, CWU ASRs will be fully involved and consulted in this Road Safety Week Campaign.  CWU/ASR and WSR full support and participation is much appreciated by Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide, RMSS, RMP&FS and CWU HQ.

Benefits of the Campaign:

  • Improved compliance with RMG Policy and road traffic law.

  • Increased awareness amongst drivers and managers.

  • Reduction in road traffic collisions.

  • Avoiding prosecutions.

ASRs Should Agree With Operational Managers, Which Units Will Be Inspected And Jointly Supported During The Road Safety ‘ClearView/Clear Windscreen’ Campaign, And:

  • Wherever possible at this time – carry out safety inspection, spot check activities to increase awareness.

  • Check vehicle windscreens ahead of Road Safety Week.

  • Remind drivers to carry out their pre-use safety checks before they set out on their journeys.

Engage CWU/Member Drivers:

  • Use the Road Safety Campaign materials (attached) to engage and communicate with drivers about the importance of clear view and clear windscreen safety and carrying out vehicle pre-use safety checks.

  • Check drivers have seen the poster and leaflets (attached).

  • Ask Drivers – Do they follow Royal Mail policy on vehicle safety checks – including windscreen checks?

Engage Front Line Managers And Ask them:

  • What activities have they completed for the ‘ClearView/Clear Windscreen’ Campaign?

  • Have they made all drivers aware of the actions they need to take?

Attachments: (see below)

  • Clear Windscreen ASR Activity Guide and Checklist

  • Clear Windscreens for Logistics Drivers

  • RMG Clear View Poster

  • RMG Clear View Seat Drop Flier

  • RSW Clear View Windscreen Campaign One Page Brief

  • Clear View PowerPoint Slide

Thanks for your support and assistance.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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