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Royal Mail Group (Royal Mail & Parcelforce) – Lifting of Covid-19 Secure Restrictions

No. 436/2021

12 October 2021

Our Ref: E1/21

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group (Royal Mail & Parcelforce) – Lifting of Covid-19 Secure Restrictions and Re-Introduction of Standard Operating Procedures/Business As Usual (SOP/BAU):

Further to LTB No. 420/21 and the RMG/CWU Joint Statement/Communication of 5 October 2021, this is to update Branches and provide clarification to assist local discussions commencing as of today, facilitating progression back to standard operating procedure and business as usual, through the agreed, cautious lifting of Covid-secure restrictions.

On Friday evening Royal Mail Group issued definitive guidance to Managers to confirming the following:


  • All private cars on delivery must cease from Monday 11 October

  • Shared van duties can commence across the country in line with the Shared Van SWI (Safe Working Instruction)


In the following work areas/activities, social distancing measures can be removed and working practices returned to normal:


  • Bull ring operations

  • Incline conveyor operations

  • Drop bag fitting operations

  • Loading and unloading of aircraft operations

  • Delivery preparation frames/IPS fittings activity

  • Two person loading and unloading in trailers

  • Use of minibuses (in the event of these still being used, ventilation is key – as is wiping down the touch points)

  • Staggered start times can be relaxed if they are in place for social distancing reasons


  • WTLL and In Class Training Courses (rooms must be well ventilated and clean)

  • Administration areas (rooms must be well ventilated and clean)


In The Following Areas Social Distancing Measures will remain unchanged until further notice and kept under review nationally:

  • All controls in place for Test kits collection (over-bagging) will continue

  • Contactless delivery will continue, no signatures are required for signed for items

  • In-cab driver training will continue with current agreed controls

Discussions regarding these topics continue and further communications will follow in due course.

Face Coverings

Indoors – face coverings are highly recommended in England.

Indoors – face coverings are mandatory in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Risk Assessments/Safe Systems of Work/Safe Working Instructions

Risk assessments and Safe Working Instructions (SWIs) associated with socially distanced activities will be archived and available for later use if required. Standard working procedures will be included within the generic task risk assessments and safe systems of work (SSOW).

Future Outbreaks

In the event of any future local Covid-19 outbreaks, the Coronavirus Unit Risk Assessments can be reviewed in line with local discussion on how the outbreak needs to be managed. Refer to the guidance issued previously with the Joint Communication on 5 October.

Other Important Issues For Members To Remember

Wash hands/sanitise regularly, face coverings, clean vehicles before and after use, ventilate work areas – increased ventilation reduces the virus concentration in the air.

Coronavirus Testing and Vaccination

CWU/HQ encourages all members to participate in the workplace testing scheme which has so far detected a number of members carrying the virus with no symptoms and as such has avoided outbreaks in 45 Offices – LFD Test Kits are available on request from the Office Manager and both Royal Mail HQ, Parcelforce HQ and CWU HQ encourage all members to get tested regularly. If a member has symptoms, then book a PCR test either at a Test Centre or by post and self-isolate as necessary. Finally, get vaccinated for Covid-19 and for Flu – using the new RMG ‘free Flu Jab Voucher Scheme’.

Attachment: Royal Mail Group Communication ‘Removal of social distancing controls across the UK – from Monday 11 October’

Yours Sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

Mark Baulch Assistant Secretary Outdoor Department

Davie Robertson Assistant Secretary Processing, Logistics, Parcelforce, International, Quadrant Department

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