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Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash – Loading Bay Traffic Lights Introduction

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash – Loading Bay Traffic Lights


A Safety Flash has been issued by the Royal Mail Group Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Team (Copy Attached), following several recent ‘near-miss’ instances where drivers/shunters have driven off a loading dock when the traffic light was on ‘RED’, resulting in indoor staff, equipment and mail/parcels falling from height into the yard.

SSoW Failures:

The ‘Mandatory’ Safe System of Work was not being followed when the ‘near-miss’ incidents occurred. The LGV drivers and shunter drivers involved in these incidents were not adhering to the loading dock traffic light control system and pulled away from the loading bay dock against a ‘Red Light Signal’. There were also ‘Key Control’ failures which enabled the incidents to happen.

Impact and Effect of the Incidents: 

Risk of serious injury to loading/unloading bay staff, falling from height whilst loading/unloading containers, mail and parcels.

Key Message set out in the Safety Flash are:-

Where loading/unloading bay dock traffic lights are in use:-

·       Green lights = vehicles can move on or off the loading dock.

·       Red Lights = no vehicle movements on or off the loading dock.

·       Drivers to ensure they check the traffic lights and are looking at the correct set of lights for the loading dock in question.

·       If no lights are showing – the driver should report this to management.

Key Learning Point set out in the Safety Flash is:-

  • All drivers must adhere to the loading dock traffic light systems.

  • Vehicles must not drive off from a loading dock when a red light is displayed.

  • Drivers must complete the appropriate checks of trailers/rear of vehicles and ensure the dock leveller and loading dock doors are retracted and closed prior to departing.

Key Managers Activities to be completed:-

All Unit Managers (PICs) are to:-

  • Unit PIC to review current vehicle key control procedures to ensure they are robust.

  • Unit PIC to ensure that vehicle keys are not handed back to drivers unless dock levellers have been retracted and the bay doors closed.

  • Unit PIC to ensure Yard Rules have been cascaded/shared with all employees and are clearly displayed in key locations.

  • Unit PIC to deploy targeted SMATs to confirm the compliance to standards and procedures.

Area Health and Safety Reps 

Would all CWU Area Health and Safety Reps please note and communicate the content of the Safety Flash, supporting the key messages and learning points, reminding members of the importance of looking after their own safety as well as the safety of work colleagues when departing from loading bay docks. Additionally, carry out inspections focusing on compliance with the SSoWs, loading dock and yard rules and the key PIC/management action on vehicle key control.

A copy of RMG SHE Safety Flash ‘FY20 014-Loading Bay Traffic Lights’ is attached.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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