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Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety/Security Flash – Vehicle Security (Vehicle Thefts & Contents Thefts)

No. 579/2020 Our Ref: V4/20

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety/Security Flash – Vehicle Security (Vehicle Thefts & Contents Thefts):

Introduction: A Security Flash has been issued by the Royal Mail Group Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Team (copy attached), to remind all delivery and collection drivers that they play a vital part in reducing the safety and security risks to themselves and customers’ mail by following the operational security standards as well as staying alert and being vigilant at all times. A large number of these incidents could have been avoided if drivers had followed the basic operational security standards.

Background, Security Failures, Impact and Effect of these Incidents: There has recently been an increase in the theft of Royal Mail Group vehicles and thefts from Royal Mail Group vehicles. Many of these incidents could have been avoided if the drivers involved had followed the Security Rules for Drivers. Failure to comply with these standards increases the risk to drivers’ personal safety if criminals think that Royal Mail Group vehicles are left insecure with goods inside. Additionally, there is the obvious risk of loss, theft, damage and interference with customers’ mail and these incidents result in customer complaints and compensation claims, brand and reputation damage and often result in conduct code, disciplinary action against drivers at fault.

Key Drivers’ Activities and Learning Points set out in the Safety Flash are:

Before leaving the vehicle unattended ensure that:

  • Keys have been removed from the ignition and the vehicle is locked.

  • All windows are closed.

  • No mail/parcels are on view in the front cab area.

  • No personal possessions are on view – e.g., rucksacks and mobile phones which can attract criminal attention and opportunist thefts. Remove temptation.

  • Customers’ mail must always be kept secure and remain secured in the load compartment.

  • Never leave mail/parcels unattended.

  • Avoid parking in isolated areas and park as close to the delivery/collection point as is safely possible and practical.

  • Be aware of the surroundings and anyone acting suspiciously.

  • Criminals are increasingly using distraction techniques, typically asking for directions, or for help or asking various questions. This can be a trick to stall the driver whilst an accomplice steals items from the vehicle.

  • If the vehicle is secured and mail is not left insecure then the risk is reduced.

Key Managers’ Activities:

  • Managers must ensure that this Security Flash is delivered to all drivers and a record maintained for audit purposes.

  • Where necessary, drivers should be reminded of the Security Rules for Drivers.

  • Managers should print and display this Flash on noticeboards.


  • RMG Security Flash FY20 001 – Vehicle Security

ASR Activity – Please Convey A Warning To All Our Collection/Delivery Driver Members: Don’t become another statistic! Stay alert, don’t be complacent, be vigilant at all times. Keep your vehicle and its contents locked and secure at all times. Remember, it only takes a matter of seconds to have the vehicle stolen or for opportunist criminals to steal mail from the vehicle. Don’t Let It Be You!

Yours sincerely Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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