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Royal Mail: MDEC Transformation - Pathway To Change Agreement

No. 156/21

Dear Colleagues


Further to LTB 141/21 dated 31st March.

Following the National Agreement reached with MDEC management with regards to delivering the Pathway to Change agreement and the Shorter Working Week, our discussions have continued this week in relation to the preference exercise for the Farnworth, Stoke and Plymouth units.

We have now agreed the three separate preference forms which have been tailored for each unit’s circumstances and these are being despatched to members’ home addresses today with a return date of Wednesday 28th April. To support this exercise we have also agreed two separate Joint Statements, one for Farnworth and Stoke (closing units) and one for Plymouth which are attached for information. All of these documents have been shared with our MDEC Representatives earlier today and we plan to hold engagement sessions with the Reps next week in order to provide answers to questions and appropriate advice and guidance.

This preference exercise is being conducted fully in line with MTSF principles and the emphasis will be on finding suitable redeployment opportunities for those who wish to retain employment with Royal Mail. With regards to next steps, we will be holding further national meetings to discuss the outcomes of these activities with the aim of ensuring that no stone is left unturned in finding opportunities for all members wishing to be redeployed within other functions such as Customer Experience, Finance or Operations.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

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