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Further to LTB 363/20 dated 14th July and the associated Joint Statement regarding the resultant changes created by the switchover on 29th June to the new Traffic Transformation solution. We held a productive joint conference call with Royal Mail management and the impacted LA grade Product Demand Support members on Friday 17th July and the preference forms were subsequently distributed. An agreed set of Q&As (attached to this LTB) arising from the call and from emails received has been sent to the members. A further conference call was held with management earlier today and the feedback was there has been a good response to the preference exercise, although there are still 10 days remaining until the closing date of Friday 7th August. Branches and Representatives are encouraged to engage with members to ensure they have everything they need in terms of information to enable them to complete and return the preference forms. The following Joint Statement has been published today:

Joint Statement between Royal Mail and the CWU regarding the preference exercise for the Production Demand support roles Further to our previous Joint Statement on the 14th July 2020, Royal Mail (RM) and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) held a joint conference call with all impacted people on the 17th July 2020 to give people the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts. Thank you to everyone who attended the call and asked questions. We have communicated a further frequently asked questions document which contains the additional questions asked on the call. A preference exercise commenced on 17th July 2020 for all LAs performing the Production Demand Support role who are in the affected population. To date we have had circa 60% of responses to the preference exercise. There is only one week left for the people outstanding to complete the online preference form so please remember to set aside some time to complete this before the closing date on Friday 7th August 2020. We wish to reassure you, as with any changes that impact upon people, our discussions align fully with existing agreements, particularly Managing the Surplus Framework (MtSF). MtSF is the agreement between Royal Mail and CWU that covers the policy and approach for dealing with surplus situations, redeployment and redundancy terms including selection criteria. The overarching objective is to deliver change without recourse to compulsory redundancy, in line with MtSF. We understand this situation may be unsettling for some and we are fully committed to jointly providing support to all our colleagues who will be affected by the changes over the coming weeks. You can continue to ask questions by emailing

Tony Lewis                                                       Andy Furey National Process Performance Leader                 CWU Assistant Secretary Branches are urged to bring this JS and the associated activities to the attention of our LA members on Production Demand Support. I am both pleased and satisfied that this activity is being conducted fully in line with the MtSF agreement. Further developments will be reported. Yours sincerely Andy Furey Assistant Secretary

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