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Serious Dog Attack on Sheffield Postwoman

o. 147/2022

28 March 2022

Our Ref: P18/22

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Serious Dog Attack on Sheffield Postwoman:

The Health, Safety & Environment Department has received a number of enquiries regarding reports circulating on social media regarding the above.

In summary; on Wednesday afternoon 23 March a female delivery Postwoman/OPG employed at the Halfway Delivery Office in Holbrook, Sheffield S20 was subjected to a savage dog attack in the street when a highly aggressive dog burst out of a property, breaking through the gate and launching a terrifying and devastating attack in which very serious injuries were sustained.

The Police and Ambulance emergency services attended the scene and the victim was initially treated at the scene before being taken to hospital where she remains in a stable condition.

A Police investigation and internal Royal Mail investigation are both underway and the CWU Area Health and Safety Representative is fully involved in the investigation locally.

The CWU Health, Safety and Environment Department is both in close contact with our Branch ASR and is in regular contact with the Royal Mail Security Investigation team and Legal Department, receiving regular updates.

The CWU will give every support to our member the victim and we will also be endeavouring to ensure the responsible person and dog owner is dealt with under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The dog involved in the attack has been destroyed.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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