The Criminal Law Dealing with Dangerous Dogs

No. 181/2021

6 May 2021

Our Ref: P18/21

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

“The Criminal Law Dealing with Dangerous Dogs” – Scottish Government – Dog Control Laws Consultation – Response of the Communication Workers Union & UK Dog Law Implications:

This report is being issued further to LTBs 055/21, 014/21, 536/20, 568/19, 553/19 and 444/19.

Branches and Regions will be aware of the Health, Safety & Environment Department’s concerted lobbying of the Scottish Government, calling for a review of Dog Control Laws in Scotland and its enforcement.

Update reports have also been given to the RMG/CWU/Unite CMA National Joint Dog Awareness Working Group.

The re-launched ‘Bite-Back’ campaign in Scotland resulted in winning the support of all political parties from which, a Motion tabled by Scottish Nationalist Government backbenchers was supported by all parties (SNP, Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and Greens) and was carried unanimously in the Scottish Parliament.