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The Cwu latest update on announcement today

The announcement from Royal Mail Group today is nothing more than their latest misjudged scare tactic.

They genuinely believe they can threaten you into submission.

Below is a statement we have issued to the media.

We CWU will meet Royal Mail Group today because we continue to act in good faith.

We will also bring you a fuller update from the unions leadership later as well.

CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said: “The announcement is the result of gross mismanagement and a failed business agenda of ending daily deliveries, a wholesale levelling-down of the terms, pay and conditions of postal workers, and turning Royal Mail into a gig economy style parcel courier.

“What the company should be doing is abandoning its asset-stripping strategy and building the future based on utilising the competitive edge it already has in its deliveries to 32 million addresses across the country.

“The CWU is calling for an urgent meeting with the Board and will put forward an alternative business plan at that meeting.

“This announcement is holding postal workers to ransom for taking legal industrial action against a business approach that is not in the interests of workers, customers or the future of Royal Mail.

This is no way to build a company.”

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