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The Launch of CWU App – Download Now

No: 399/21 Dear Colleagues

The Launch of CWU App – Download Now

We are pleased to announce that the CWU App is available to be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. You can download it directly via the links below or by searching for ‘Affiliate the CWU App’ in either the App Store or Google Play Store.

App Store for Apple devices Google Play Store for Android devices To access a download guide and further information on your system requirements for download, please visit:

The App offers us a unique opportunity to have the best of our online communication tools all in one place. We have the ability to showcase articles, videos, podcasts, events, polls and send push notifications to all members.

Branches will note that the App has two feeds – the Affiliate news feed and My CWU. The Affiliate news feed will host wider trade union movement content and give us the opportunity to share news of workers in dispute, wins in other unions and debate how we grow our movement.

The My CWU feed will focus directly on our members in the workplace. Members will be able to choose the information they want to see based on the constituency and region they work in. We are working directly with our Regional Secretaries to encourage as much regional content as possible to flow onto the App.

This is phase one of the App launch and phase two will include members being able to update their own address and wider membership details. Phase two will also identify how we can utilise the App for increasing membership of the union.

The launch of Affiliate is a major develop for not only our union but the wider trade union movement. Once the App has been in circulation for a few weeks we will be calling a national briefing to go through the project in greater detail. In the meantime, we ask every CWU branch to put in place plans to ask as many of their members as possible to download the App immediately. It is only by having thousands of our members engaged with the App that we can match and exceed the financial muscle of the equivalent forms of communication from employers.

We are confident that this is another strong tool and one which will further enhance the experience for CWU members. Our thanks go to our Communications Department and in particular, Deputy Head of Communications, Amie Retallick who has led this long-term project.

Any questions on this LTB should be directed to the Communications Department:

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward Chris Webb General Secretary Head of Communications Engagagement & Media



Affiliate brings all of your CWU content into one place including:

  • The latest national CWU news and events

  • Exclusive podcast and video content

  • Create your own ‘My CWU’ newsfeed based on your industry and region

  • Easily access trade union services

  • Opinion and updates from across the trade union movement

How to install

  1. Download the app by searching for “Affiliate CWU” in the App Store for Apple devices or Google play store for Android devices, or by clicking the buttons below.

  2. Once downloaded, open the app and press ‘sign up’ to create your new Affiliate account and then verify your email address via your phone (not your desktop).

  3. Once accessed you can create your own personalised feed by pressing ‘My CWU’ and adding your categories and regions.



For more help, please visit Affiliate – download guide

Please note: to download the app, your phone operating system will need to be at least iOS 13.0 for Apple or 6.0 and up for Android.

Support and feedback

This app has come about from branch request and member surveys. This is the first phase of Affiliate and we look forward to continually improving the app based on your feedback and user analytics.

To get in touch, please email

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