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Updated: Jul 29, 2021

No. 297/21

19th July 2021

Dear Colleagues,


As Branches are aware, Royal Mail faces an increasingly competitive landscape both in the letters and parcels market. The future success of Royal Mail is dependent upon the ability to offer customers products that meet current and future needs, excellent customer and quality of service, and value for money. Royal Mail and CWU are jointly committed to securing this objective by working together to understand and achieve industry leading performance in all aspects of delivery and collection.

Having launched the Parcel Collect product in October 2020 Royal Mail is seeking to grow the product through service improvements. One of the areas that we jointly want to look at is the provision of labels for customers purchasing Parcel Collect so that it is accessible to customers who do not have a home printer. Parcelforce already offers this service but it is not widely available in the market, so will be an attractive proposition.

Royal Mail & the CWU are seeking to conduct to test this capability in 4 Delivery Offices:

Bath, Cheltenham, Doncaster and Newton Mearns.

These offices were selected because they have had a steady demand for the Parcel Collect service, have experienced few service failures, and to have a North-South geographical split to also include an office in Scotland. The trial will run from 2nd August until 29th January inclusive.

The trial will not be a fully scalable solution, as this would require further investment in technology, so it will be based on our Indoor Delivery colleagues having access to the RM Click and Drop Admin Portal to print off labels, rather than this being automatically downloaded each day onto one of the Delivery Office systems.


The aim of the trial is to test the market appetite for a parcel collection service where we bring the label to the customer, negating the requirement for a home printer. We also need the feedback of both our Indoor and Outdoor colleagues to understand:

  • What parts of the design work well?

  • What could be improved upon?

  • What equipment/technical improvements would be required if we wanted to roll this out Nationally?

The Trial will include the following measures, expanded details of which can be found in the Terms of Reference:

  • Any significant difficulties during the course of the trial which prevent us from offering the service in one or all of the Postcode Areas, areas can be “switched off” individually on the Portal (in the event of a force majeure or any other disruption).

  • RM & CWU will jointly take feedback from our frontline colleagues throughout the trial and also by means of a survey at the end of it the outputs of which will be shared and communicated within the trial sites.

  • End of trial survey for customers

  • An Industrial Engineer will conduct a method study comparing the current process and the proof of concept trial process in order to establish the workload task time.

  • Training

  • Involvement

  • Any operational changes required to facilitate the trial arrangements will be progressed in line with the IR Framework.

  • Review throughout and at the end of the trial

The Postal Executive Committee endorsed the Trial and associated Terms of Reference, with communication as early as possible being our aim to give the trial areas as much time as possible to prepare.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 230.03, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch CWU Assistant Secretary

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