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Tomorrow starts a 48hr strike by postal workers. Here's why.

Tomorrow starts a 48hr strike by postal workers. This time we are downing tools in order to protect our terms & conditions.

Royal Mail have served notice on agreements that contain legal protections for the future of Royal Mail, there is only 1 reason only for them to do this and that is to allow a major shareholder to take over the company, they are already in talks with VESA and the government is looking in to their interests as a matter of national security.

They also want to introduce performance management, in a job as physical as ours it’s natural for more sickness due to injuries and due to the current state of the country people need to work longer.

Performance managing will potentially see people who can’t keep up with someone 30 years younger than them pushed out the business. In reality everyone is different and everyone needs to be treated according to their needs.

Amongst the change demands the Royal Mail Board also wants to introduce are the following:

• A worse service with deliveries arriving up to three hours later.

• The USO being undermined with a company desire to deliver less days a week.

• Denying those who are financially, geographically, or digitally isolated, from this excellent public service.

• The removal of our current shift patterns and introduction of later start times.

• Reduced terms and conditions for new entrants.

• Yearly flexi-hours being introduced.

• Our allowances being changed, meaning

a financial loss for many.

• Sunday working at a flat rate.

• Changes to our sick-pay

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