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Coronavirus Controls in the Workplace Joint Statement.

Updated: May 28, 2020

No. 275/2020

Our Ref: E1/20

To: All Branches with Royal Mail Members

Dear Colleagues,

Coronavirus Controls In The Workplace: Joint Statement

Attached is a tripartite Joint Statement from Royal Mail, CWU and Unite/CMA reaffirming

commitment to a collaborative approach to ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of

employees during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

In particular, the Statement references 2m social distancing, personal protective equipment

(PPE) and personal hygiene standards as being of key importance. All parties reaffirm their

commitment to these standards.

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, the work done by Royal Mail members has been widely recognised as playing a crucial role in helping to keep the social fabric intact. As the

Government begins the process of relaxing lockdown, it is particularly important that the

standards adopted in Royal Mail are maintained.

A crucial element of this is the maintenance of social distancing in the workplace. This may

not always be popular, but it is essential for protecting the health and safety of employees

until a vaccine becomes available. The suspension of van sharing is a key component of this.

Whilst this can cause inconvenience it remains vitally important in containing possible

exposure to the virus.

Reports are still being received of units where social distancing measures are not being

followed. It is important that this is challenged and if not resolved, escalated swiftly.

If we are to keep members safe through this unprecedented public health crisis, now is not the time to relax.

Any enquiries relating to this LTB should be directed to Ray Ellis (

Yours sincerely

Ray Ellis

CWU National Officer

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