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Coronavirus COVID-19: Supporting Members Returning to Work


Dear Colleagues

Re: Coronavirus COVID-19: Supporting Members Returning to Work

Further to LTB 298/20, dated 12th June 2020, the Government(s) have announced the date for the end of shielding will be 31st July 2020 in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and 16th August 2020 in Wales, therefore further discussions have taken place with Royal Mail.

The purpose of this LTB is to let branches and members know a similar four-step process will be in place for the extremely vulnerable category whether it is shielding for yourself or another member of your household.

  • Step 1 – Follow up call to start discussion and where appropriate, set up a further call/meeting to establish and agree return to work

  • Step 2 – Further call/meeting with the employee

  • Step 3 – Outcome of return to work review discussion including OH Advice whereappropriate

  • Step 4 – Case review and final outcome

For members who are shielding (self) the communication with your manager will need to be by telephone as members have to continue shielding until the set date and therefore cannot meet face to face.

The department received reports managers in some areas were attempting to ignore the four-step process and just use the normal return to work process, LTB 318/20 dated 17th June 2020 confirmed the four-step process.

A further statement has been agreed with Royal Mail which confirms the four-step process will be used. This is attached at Appendix A.

If agreed adjustments are not put in place, members will not be forced to return to work and will remain away from the workplace until the adjustments have been completed.

If followed correctly, the process above should ensure a safe return to work, with full involvement of CWU members and their representatives, ensuring concerns have been taken into account and any required adjustments made.

We encourage branches to ensure this LTB is given the widest possible circulation to all Members.

Attached at Appendix B and C are the forms managers will use in discussion for steps 1 and 2.

All enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the

PTCS Department,

quoting reference 420.

Email address:

Yours sincerely,

Carl Maden Assistant Secretary (Acting)

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