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Covid-19 Temporary transfer of Parcelforce Adidas Contract to Royal Mail

No: 284/2020

For the Immediate Attention of All:

Postal Branches Divisional Representatives

Parcelforce Regional Organisers

Area Processing Representatives

Area Delivery Representatives

UPDATE - Covid-19 Temporary transfer of Parcelforce Adidas Contract to Royal Mail

Further to LTB 282/20 both departments have engaged with Royal Mail and Parcelforce to seek clarification on the operational arrangements, forecast volumes and anticipated fall to earth relating to the temporary transfer of the delivery of the Adidas items by Royal Mail.

Customer Service

The contract and accountability for any customer enquiries remains with Parcelforce.


Customer Service units will have access to the Royal Mail Tracked systems – including access to proof of delivery. Discussions between Royal Mail and Parcelforce are currently taking place to establish a clear process for PFW Customer Service Advisors (CSA’s) to contact Royal Mail to resolve customer queries on deliveries undertaken by Royal Mail.

A standard “script” is being concluded to enable Parcelforce CSA’s to notify customers that their item has been passed to Royal Mail for Delivery.

RDC/Mail Centre

It has been confirmed that the Adidas items will enter the Royal Mail operation through NDC and SWRDC.

The items will be distributed and handled through existing Network services as Tracked 24 items, with all items handled in the Mail Centres rather than additional Covid-19 Outhouses. The items will not be going through mech (PSM’s) at Mail Centres.

They will be handled as the T24 product from the RDC to Mail Centres and scanned manually at the Inward Mail Centre, prior to onward circulation to the Delivery Office. Work is being finalised today to ensure that the scanning equipment in RDC/Mail Centres is compatible and able to read the Parcelforce Barcodes.

Should this not be the case Parcelforce PDA’s will be used to scan the Adidas traffic.


The PDAs in the Delivery function are able to scan the PFW barcodes and upload the information onto the IT systems.

The items are to be delivered in line with current arrangements for T24 products and the current SOP’s are to be followed including where delivery of an item is unsuccessful a RM “Something For You” card will be left and the item will be returned to the Royal Mail Delivery Office, for redelivery or collection.

Forecast - Fall to Earth

Royal Mail are planning on a forecast volume of around 40k items per day Nationally across a six day Monday to Saturday service as these items are predominately a business to individual customer service.

Attached for the information of Branches and representatives is the projected fall to earth based on the forecast volumes.

The figures contain estimates on the percentage of the national volume, the number of items and the number of Yorks on a Mail Centre catchment area.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to:

Parcelforce & RM Processing: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary,

quoting reference 014.14


Deliveries: Mark Baulch, Assistant Secretary,

quoting reference 600

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson Assistant Secretary

Mark Baulch Assistant Secretary


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