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LTB 052/24 - Royal Mail Group Wellbeing – Launch of ‘Moments That Matter’ New Series of ‘Support Guides’

No. 052/2024

Our Ref:  C1/24

To:  All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group Wellbeing – Launch of ‘Moments That Matter’ New Series of ‘Support Guides’

Royal Mail Group’s Head of Health and Wellbeing Fiona McAslan has confirmed to the CWU Health, Safety and Environment Department, the launch of a new series of support guides called ‘Moments that Matter’ which have now gone live and are available for everyone on the Royal Mail Group (RMG) ‘Wellbeing Hub’ website. They are available and accessible directly via this link: or via the RMG ‘Wellbeing Hub’ which is accessible via this link:

They are also available on the People App under the ‘Your Wellbeing’ tile.  Copies of the new ‘Moments that Matter’ Guides are also attached to this LTB as pdfs.

These new guides cover a number of challenging topics enabling accessible advice and guidance when the need arises for supporting a work colleague/member when there are concerns about their wellbeing mentally or physically.  The guides are being shared widely across Royal Mail Group this week following on from this week’s 2024 National ‘Time To Talk’ day on 1 February supported by RMG and the CWU.

The new series of Guides have been launched under the new re-badged ‘Your Wellbeing’ banner which replaced the previous ‘Feeling First Class’.

The ‘Moments That Matter’ Guides are designed to help spot potential symptoms that colleagues in the workforce may be displaying and offer suggested questions that can safely be asked of the individual concerned who may be unwell or in distress.

By asking the right questions it can help someone feel comfortable and gain a better understanding of the situation. There’s also information and signposting to further wellbeing support which can be shared with work colleagues.

The new set of 12 Guides are designed to be a significant help in responding and reacting to work colleagues facing one of the situations.

The Guides are:

  1. Supporting a colleague when you’re worried about them

  2. Supporting a colleague facing financial difficulty

  3. Supporting a colleague who has lost a baby

  4. Supporting a colleague as they start or extend their family

  5. Supporting a colleague through their fertility journey

  6. Supporting a colleague facing financial abuse

  7. Supporting a colleague who decides to transition

  8. Supporting a colleague through the menopause

  9. Supporting a colleague facing relationship separation

  10. Supporting a colleague dealing with bereavement

  11. Supporting a colleague facing serious illness

  12. Supporting a colleague facing terminal illness

Wellbeing Ambassadors

The circa 1,300 Wellbeing Ambassadors, including CWU Reps, First Aiders and members have been briefed and asked to drive local activity, working with the workforce in the Units, using a new RMG ‘Time To Talk Resource Pack’, ensuring employees understand the importance of having open mental health conversations and accessing the early support when it is needed.

Additionally, Wellbeing Ambassadors along with CWU Reps, ASRs and WSRs are asked to raise awareness and let employees/members know about the new ‘Moments that Matter Guides’, and the important role of all the services, resources and tools available on offer to assist the workforce.

RMG ‘Help@Hand’ gives employees/members and their family access to fast, free, wellbeing support, resources and services including:

  • Unlimited Mental Health Consultations

  • Online GP Appointments

  • Online Physiotherapy Sessions

  • Consultations/Second Medical Opinions

  • 1:1 Lifestyle Coaching

  • Wellbeing Employee Assistance Programme 24/7 Helpline

  • Cancer Assist Service


  • RMG Wellbeing ‘Moments that Matter’ – 12 Guides


Yours sincerely

Dave JoyceNational Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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