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No. 267/23

27th October 2023 Dear Colleagues,


Further to LTB 258/23 circulated on 13th October 2023, Branches and Representatives will be aware Royal Mail unilaterally decided to extend the Pilot activity to a further 332 units across Scotland (excluding Highlands), Anglia, the Midlands and North East.

There has been a further exchange of correspondence on this matter including a letter from the Chief People Officer which states “I am open to a meeting to try and find a way to work together and progress constructively on this topic”.

In our response we have made it clear that the decision to move ahead without agreement is not acceptable, however we would also like to pick up the meeting in order to explore if progress can be made and have requested proposed dates for this to occur at the earliest opportunity.

Royal Mail are claiming the level of negative sentiment from their feedback differs from our own, so it is important we attend the meeting with a fully informed position.

As a result, we are requesting that each Branch covering an area in the Pilot extension provide an urgent report to by no later than 12:00 on Friday 3rd November 2023.

This should cover the following:

  • Whether the CWU is being engaged locally by management on this matter;

  • The current situation in respect of the Pilot activity;

  • The number of members involved by unit;

  • Any undue or unnecessary pressure from local management; and

  • Any feedback received from members (both positive and negative).

Once we have met with Royal Mail, and the Postal Executive has considered the position, further information will be provided.

Yours sincerely Davie Robertson Mark Baulch Carl Maden Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary 23LTB267 UNAGREEED EXTENSION OF ‘MY PERFORMANCE’ APP

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