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Post Office: Pay Dispute 2021/22

No. 155/2022

1st April 2022

Dear Colleagues


Our members have today received a letter at their home addresses from Angela Williams, Group Chief People Officer (attached) indicating that despite the significant ballot result for strike action Post Office intends to continue with its dogmatic and uncaring attitude towards pay for 2021. Indications are that the members are further antagonised by the poor excuses contained within the letter and I am certain our members will be unimpressed by the lack of respect being shown to them by Post Office Directors.

Comments on social media from members range from “this must be an April fools joke” to “how condescending are they” and my personal favourite “the letter has been returned to sender“. Our members are far from enamoured by the attitude of Post Office and all they have done is to harden their resolve.

Clearly, it has taken a massive yes vote to force Post Office to come clean on its pay policy, which it could have communicated a year ago but they obviously didn’t have the courage of their convictions. We will respond with a Fact versus Fiction communication to our members, as the arguments put forward by management are utterly spurious.

In respect of next steps, we are meeting with our Post Office Reps on Tuesday 5th and a Postal Executive has been scheduled for Thursday 7th April where I imagine a decision will be made in regard to serving notice on the employer for strike action (we have to provide 2 weeks’ notice). The letter from Post Office has really left us with no option in this matter. It is clear they are putting their heads in the sand and pretending this dispute will simply go away, which of course it won’t.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey Assistant Secretary

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