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RM_CWU Joint Statement Phase 2 3 National Operational Requirements

No: 271/2020

For the Immediate Attention of All:

Postal Branches

Divisional Representatives

Area Safety Representatives

Area Delivery Representatives

Area Processing Representatives

Area Distribution Representatives

RM/CWU Joint Statement – Phase 2 & 3 National Operational Requirements for the Covid-19 Doorstep Self-Test Kit Home Collection Service

Dear Colleagues,

Branches will be aware via previous LTB’s and communications in regards to the above service and that the initiative was originally set up using eCourier to exclusively perform this task.

However, as volumes have increased, the Government have been responding to pressure from the media, and have been increasing the numbers of NHS & Key workers who can access this service, as well as others options such as test centres and pillar box posting services.

Accordingly, as the Home Collection service has expanded and the numbers of those individuals who have requested tests via this avenue has grown, there is the need to bring this fully ‘inhouse’ and provide a Royal Mail Home Collection and return to the laboratory service.

Following a short pilot in the TR area and subsequent Phase 1 rollout to c162 units, there is now the need to expand this to a further c248 units commencing on the 27th May, whilst also considering and reviewing a further Phase 3 rollout to extend to the remaining c130 units across the UK.

Therefore, we have updated the attached Joint Statement to take account of the further Phase 2 roll-out, the resolution of any further issues resulting from this increased service, whilst also detailing the continuation of National discussions for further Phase 3 rollout as above.

This is providing that this service is expanded by Government and the numbers of those being tested grows and the quality of service for Home Collection service meets the required standards as this is a vital priority commitment.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to:

Delivery & Collections:

Mark Baulch,

Assistant Secretary,

quoting reference: 600.


Processing, Area & Distribution:

Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary,

quoting reference: 014.14.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary



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