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Royal Mail Customer Service Points (CSPs)/Callers Offices and Reception Areas – Coronavirus Covid-19

This LTB is specifically in relation to Royal Mail Customer Service Points (CSPs)/Callers Offices and Reception Areas – Coronavirus Covid-19 Health and Safety‎/Social Distancing Standards.

The issue of CSP opening hours is being dealt with and pursued by the CWU Outdoor Department who will issue separate reports as appropriate.

The Health, Safety and Environment Department has been pursuing safety, security and social distancing improvements with Royal Mail.

The PHE (Public Health England) Coronavirus/Covid-19 preventative guidelines have been raised with Royal Mail who have accepted that risk control measures must be implemented in CSPs and Receptions. The issues raised include:

  • Wall signage

  • Floor signage

  • Posters

  • Contactless payment facilities where possible

  • PPE

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Cleaning arrangements

  • Screens for all open plan offices

127 Offices have been identified by Royal Mail where screens are required to improve safety, infection control and reduce risks. These include 91 CSPs and 36 Reception areas.

Installation dates for the screens are awaited for which the work has been commissioned and an update is awaited from Royal Mail. This will be communicated in due course. There is no doubt that this action should have been taken sooner and we are not entirely happy with the way in which this aspect has been handled to date along with an arbitrary communication issued today without consultation as well as being short on involvement, information and detail.

As a result, we have made strong representations to that effect and will continue to press for an early resolution of our concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer


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