Royal Mail & CWU National Terms of Reference on the trial of a Vehicle Check App

No. 381/20

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail & CWU National Terms of Reference on the trial of a Vehicle Check App

To comply with the ‘O’ Licence maintenance obligations (that affect all vehicles and not

just those ‘O’ Licensed), Royal Mail has committed to maintain its vehicle fleet to a

standard agreed with the Department of Transport. In addition, the duty of care to our

members and other road users and members of the public, as well as the Health & Safety

at Work Act, means that Royal Mail must ensure all drivers are aware of their


To maintain vehicles in a roadworthy condition, it is the legal responsibility

of every driver to carry out basic safety and maintenance checks every time a vehicle is


Branches will therefore recall that drivers working in Royal Mail Operations must undertake

different levels of safety checks at different times. Checks when a vehicle is first used

(daily or first use check), at the start of another duty (duty check), and weekly ones which

all vary slightly, and drivers must understand which is to be done and when.

Managers must also carry out periodic checks of their own to make sure vehicles are safe. Branches will further note that Royal Mail will ensure that sufficient time is included in all P318/ Driving Duty Schedules to allow drivers to perform each of the pre-use safety checks on their vehicles. It is a legal requirement that each new driver completes some form of

roadworthiness check before taking a vehicle onto the road.

Royal Mail have recently approached the Outdoor Department to discuss how best to

improve compliance of drivers around the legal requirement as mentioned above. An