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Royal Mail Group - Proposed Terms of Reference for a Trial of Booking ad-hoc Annual Leave

No. 318/21

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group – Proposed Terms of Reference for a Trial of Booking ad-hoc Annual Leave through the People App

Further to LTB 017/21 circulated on 18th January 2021, Branches will be aware that the DGS(P) Department has continued to monitor the development and deployment of the People App whilst ensuring that this activity does not abrogate either our national or local agreements.

The People App now has over 65,000 users and it is obvious that feedback is continually being given in relation to how the technology can be modified. At a meeting on 24th June 2021, management tabled a proposal for conducting a pilot scheme to allow for the People App to be used to book ad-hoc annual leave.

Management were made aware that there were potential difficulties that would need to be discussed such as how an approach of this kind would impact on our joint aspiration to improve culture, ensure adherence to our national and local agreements and not be unfair to members who don’t have access to the App. It was also stressed that the revised generic national trial and deployment agreements which had recently been finalised would hold the field.

Following further negotiations, the attached Terms of Reference were concluded and then endorsed by the Postal Executive at a meeting that took place on 3rd August 2021.

Branches will note that the Terms of Reference are based upon the national trial and deployment agreements. The trial will take place in eight units representing a wide geographical spread for six weeks from 16th August 2021.

The trial activity will be overseen in the selected units by Postal Executive members Mick Kavanagh and Steve Halliwell and at a strategic level by Katrina Quirke. A full joint evaluation will be conducted at the end of the trial and be based on the nine points contained within the agreed success criteria.

Further updates will be reported in due course once the trial activity and joint evaluation have been concluded and the Postal Executive have considered the feedback.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

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