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Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 021 – Delivery Slip Accident on ‘Pressed/Stamped/Imprinted’

No. 406/2022

Our Ref: A2/22

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 021 – Delivery Slip Accident on ‘Pressed/Stamped/Imprinted’ Concrete Driveway Surface Resulting in Multiple Bone Fracture Injuries:

Background and Description

Royal Mail Group’s Safety Team have issued RMG SHE Safety Flash FY22 021 following an accident in which a delivery Postman/OPG slipped on a wet pressed concrete driveway whilst making a delivery to a private customer’s address. ‘Pressed Concrete’ is also referred to as ‘Imprinted Concrete’ and ‘Stamped Concrete’ (see images in the Safety Flash).

Pressed/Imprinted/Stamped concrete driveways are being marketed and becoming popular across the country as a quick, easy and cheaper, affordable alternative to better quality, longer lasting block paving but these surfaces can have downsides and present a slip hazard. Imprinted/Pressed/Stamped concrete is non-permeable, so water lingers on the surface and can be a slip hazard. Also standing water yields ice and a slippery surface during downpours, making it potentially hazardous after wet and frosty weather. Even in dry conditions, depending on how the surface has been laid and whether it has been finished with an anti-slip, nonslip additive finish or not, the surface can present a slip hazard. Certain concrete sealers used on these drives can also make the surface become slippery.

The skid resistance value (SRV) of Pressed/Imprinted/Stamped concrete has passed testing by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRL) however the application and treatment of Pressed/Imprinted/Stamped concrete surfaces can vary from premises to premises. Some surfaces will offer good grip whilst other surfaces will offer poor grip resistance, like the surface at the customer’s premises where the accident referenced in the Safety Flash occurred.

Impact and Injuries Received

The Postman/OPG sustained multiple collar bone fractures and serious shock.

Key Messages, Learning Points:

  • Raise awareness that Pressed/Imprinted/Stamped and Sealed/Coated concrete driveways can be treacherous even in dry conditions but particularly in wet or frosty weather conditions!

  • Ensure all delivery workers wear good condition, approved, Royal Mail Footwear.

  • Encourage delivery staff to approach such surfaces with caution and ‘grip test’ their footing when stepping onto any Pressed/Imprinted/Stamped patterned concrete driveways (especially in wet weather).

  • If possible, take a safer route to the delivery point avoiding the potentially slippery pressed concrete surface.

  • If slip risks are clearly evident and unavoidable, postal delivery workers should return the mail to the Delivery Office, report it to the manager and endorse the mail with a P6705 sticker (see image in Safety Flash).

  • Postmen and Women to follow the Delivery SSoW.


PiC/Unit Managers Actions:

  • Brief the content of the Safety flash to all delivery staff and check they are aware of and have been briefed on content of Deliveries SSOW document.

  • Ensure all staff are in possession of good condition Royal Mail footwear and chase up any outstanding footwear orders.

  • Incorporate the key messages and learning points into ‘First Class Safety Conversations’.


Please ensure that this Safety Flash is communicated and brought to the attention of all delivery members and that managers brief all staff and deploy the above actions.


  • Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY22 021 – Delivery Slip Accident on ‘Pressed/Stamped/Imprinted’ Concrete Driveway Surface Resulting In Multiple Bone Fracture Injuries:

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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