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SHE Flash FY22 019 Vehicle Loading Injury

Our Ref: V4/22

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

SHE Flash FY22 019 Vehicle Loading Injury

Background and Description

Royal Mail Group’s Safety Team have issued RMG SHE Safety Flash FY22 019 following a recent injury to an employee. Whilst loading a vehicle the employee struck his head on the exposed metal at the top of the sliding door. The rubber seals that should have been in place were missing making the injury much worse.


Severe Impact to the top of the head. The employee suffered a deep cut.

Learning points from the incident

The van was missing the rubber seal which should run round the door so exposed the sharp edge. Fleet can repair this upon presentation of the PMT1 defect report. Vehicles must be loaded from ground level using the rear and side loading doors.

Actions to avoid similar incidents

  1. Check your vehicle to make sure no seals are missing, if so please complete a PMT1 and send to the Vehicle Workshop for repair.

  2. Carry out loading and unloading from ground level. See Loading and Unloading SSOW.

  3. Managers to focus on loading and unloading activity when completing SMATs, ensure that staff are loading correctly for both delivery and collections. Ensure vehicle checks are taking place.


Please ensure that this Safety Flash and SSoW are communicated to all members and managers.


  • SHE Flash FY22 019 Vehicle Loading Injury

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

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