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Royal Mail Uniform Supply (COVID-19)

LTB 313/20 –

Royal Mail Uniform Supply (COVID-19)

Dear Colleagues,

Following a number of enquiries into the Outdoor Department, we have sought an update from Royal Mail in relation to the impact the (COVID-19) Coronavirus has had on current uniform supplies.

Royal Mail have now advised us that there have been no overall problems in terms of general uniform supplies, however, there are some items of footwear and garments which are running low and re-supply orders have been delayed, due to the impacts of Coronavirus in terms of manufacturing, supply chain and shipping.

These items are:

Magnum shoe and boot (both non-safety and safety) range

Magnum |Bandera Active Trainers (non-safety)

Maternity Polo Top (size XS)

Blue Short Sleeved Shirts (size XS)

Ladies Trousers (size 24L/28R)

In the case of any uniform garment not being available when ordered, Royal Mail have confirmed that individuals will be offered an ‘off-the-shelf’ alternative until stocks return. In the case of footwear alternative styles within the current uniform range will also be offered.

Additionally, Royal Mail has advised that if due to stock outages an individual order for footwear cannot be met and if the employee has tried the other alternative footwear options (from the new range) but these are not suitable, then it will approve up to £34 reimbursement cost towards alternative footwear purchased on a case-by-case basis (in line with the Royal Mail Footwear Reimbursement policy but without the need for any medical advice).

Finally, Royal Mail have also confirmed that whilst Coronavirus has impacted on the timescales surrounding uniform orders, the bulk are nonetheless still being processed and allocated within 3 to 5 working days.

Whilst it is hoped that Branches and Representatives will find this information useful and of assistance, any further enquires in terms of this issue should be directed to the Outdoor Department

reference 500, email address:-

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary

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