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(BRT&G) Agreement – Paragraph 6.4.3 through Ill Health (LTBIH) – Leaving Royal Mail

No. 200/23

28th July 2023

Dear Colleagues

Business Recovery, Transformation & Growth (BRT&G) Agreement – Paragraph 6.4.3 – Leaving Royal Mail through Ill Health (LTBIH)

During the recent National briefings, reports were received there was a belief Royal Mail are deliberately delaying the authorisation of cases involving leaving the business through ill health (LTBIH) / Ill health retirement and preferring to wait until 1st August 2023 when the new terms are enacted.

Royal Mail are saying there is no policy of delaying LTBIH cases, however, if any representative has evidence to the contrary then please ensure the situation is immediately put into the Dispute Resolution Procedure (DRP) as a disagreement, ensure our member raises a grievance and also forward any evidence to the PTCS Department, where we will take the cases up with Royal Mail for our members who are due to leave on ill health with a lump sum prior to 1st August 2023, to receive the correct compensation.

Any enquiries to this LTB please contact: The PTCS Department reference 312, email address:

Yours sincerely Yours sincerely

Carl Maden Andy Furey Assistant Secretary A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

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