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BRT&G Agreement - New Imposed Terms & Conditions, Part-time to Full-time, Internal Tranfer,Job Share

No. 199/23

28th July 2023

Dear Colleagues,

BRT&G Agreement – New Imposed Terms & Conditions, Part-time to Full-time, Internal Transfers and Job Share

Branches and Representatives will be aware that Section 9 of the BRT&G Agreement was clear in stating the company introduced new terms and conditions for new entrants from 1st December 2022.  Equally, our position is clear that these arrangements are not agreed with the union.

Since the agreement was endorsed on 11th July 2023 many enquiries have been received that relate to moves from part-time to full-time, transfers between units and job-shares.  

The answers to the points are addressed below:

Part-time to Full-time

In relation to the move from part-time to full-time hours, Stuart MacDonald, IR Director has confirmed the following:

“I am writing to give confirmation that we have agreed to deal with the ‘Part Time to Full Time’ topic separately, therefore further discussions will be scheduled in line with our normal national procedures.

For clarity, this means that Royal Mail will in the meantime honour existing agreements and the status quo will apply.”

This is clear the status quo will continue to apply; therefore, those on the old terms and conditions maintain these in the event they move from part-time to full-time or increase their contracted hours for that matter.

Internal Transfers

We have been made aware that in some areas of the country RMG are using the following policy:

BAU Internal Transfers are where employees apply for vacancies through Success Factors, and the most senior internal applicant is successful. 

New vacancies are advertised on new terms, so we are unable to progress the BAU internal transfers.  Therefore, there is an exception process which means they would remain on existing terms (e.g. moving due to family circumstances) and those that fall under this category should be progressed through HRBP (policy shown from attached Transfers Guide).

There is no longer a transfer list therefore members who want to either increase their hours and/or move to another office have to apply for those internal jobs via ‘Success factors’ meaning they are applying for jobs which are being advertised on new terms and conditions.

This is a contradiction that has to be addressed as does the exemption process and this matter will be raised with RMG immediately. Reports have also been received of transfers being blocked in certain locations and this is completely inappropriate given the number of vacancies which currently exist.  We ask Branches and Representatives to raise these cases through the IR Framework.


For the avoidance of doubt, the situation in relation to those moving to job-share is exactly the same as if two members are on the old terms and conditions they would retain these on a personal rights basis in the event of moving to a job-share.

In conclusion, further communications will follow once there is a joint clarification regarding the latter two areas above but prior to this Branches and Representatives must ensure they highlight these matters locally through the IR Framework and if necessary use the full Dispute Resolution Process.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Furey

A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)      

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