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LTB 201/23 - Recruitment Drive - New Entrants in Royal Mail Group

No. 201/23

28th July 2023

Dear Colleagues,

Recruitment Drive – New Entrants in Royal Mail Group

Further to the National Briefing at the Queens Hotel, Leeds on 25th July where the profile of Recruitment was raised. Branches and representatives will appreciate the importance of ensuring this activity across all Royal Mail Group workplaces, remains a high priority.

This is necessary more so than ever, as RMG have informed us they have embarked upon a significant recruitment drive and have already employed 1200 new starters in the past two weeks. It is crucial every effort is now made to recruit these people into the CWU and plans are put in place by all Branches to achieve this aim. Alongside this, Organising and Recruitment must feature prominently as an agenda item for all business based and Branch meetings.

We realise recruitment of new entrants on inferior pay terms and conditions is a new challenge. The Union is fully committed to securing improvements and fairer terms and conditions on a par with those recruited prior to 1st December 2022.

The more new-entrants joining the CWU the better the chance of achieving success.

In terms of the wider organising and recruitment strategy, including a review of all supporting communications and recruitment literature, this work is ongoing at Headquarters. Once our plans have been finalised the intention is to hold a launch event via a national zoom call with all Branch Secretaries.

Recruitment into the Union is the responsibility of representatives at all levels and must be treated as a priority.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward Andy Furey General Secretary Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

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