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LTB 198/23 - Royal Mail Group: BRT&G Agreement Paragraph 6.4

No: 198/23

24th July 2023

Dear Colleague

Royal Mail Group: BRT&G Agreement Paragraph 6.4

Further to LTB 187/23 dated 17th July. Branches and Representatives are advised that on Friday 21st July we met with RMG to discuss a number of areas relating directly to Section 6.4 of the BRT&G Agreement. Specifically, these discussions focused on a problem solving approach around the issues of “migration” or the transition from the former standards to the new standards which are due to be introduced from 1st August, along with the urgent establishment of the Joint Working Group which featured highly on our agenda.

To help make for a constructive meeting, the business presented a comprehensive slide deck of information and data that requires further consideration.

Both parties were clear in their respective positions regarding these matters and it is indeed disappointing that RMG has chosen to unilaterally send letters to our members who currently have been issued with an AR1 or AR2 warning about sick absence. We have now been provided with these letters formally and these are being examined.

We need to be clear, these letters haven’t been agreed by the union. In fact, we were not advised or made aware of the issuing of these letters prior to them being received by our members.

This is extremely disappointing, especially when all parties should be focused on jointly delivering our agreement. These concerns have been expressed in the strongest possible terms.

On a positive note, the meeting was focused on seeking to arrive at an agreed position and overall it was relatively constructive and we have agreed that the talks have been adjourned and we will continue our dialogue with Adrian Porter, Reward & Performance Director.

Essentially, both parties have agreed this area needs to be treated as a priority and therefore we expect to meet again in the coming days.

We will also give a full report back to the Postal Executive so that next steps can be determined

Any enquiries to this LTB please contact: The PTCS Department reference 312, email


Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

Carl Maden

Assistant Secretary

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